Vehicles Change Lives

  • Veterans Drive is a nonprofit 501c3 charity. We donate new to late model vehicles to veteran families in need. Our current program is the Vehicles for Women Veterans and Widows Program. Check the tab so named, and you’ll find out more about the program details there.
  • Veterans Drive recognizes that veterans are a subculture within the greater community. Veterans have the same issues that many others have.
  • We all know the power of getting a new car. A car is the second largest investment most people will ever make. Veterans Drive realizes that any support system is not limited to one thing; we are choosing the path of providing transportation for those women veterans and widows that need a vehicle to get their lives on track.
  • Part of our screening process will ensure that the recipients are rightfully eligible to receive the vehicle gifts.
  • We want to completely eliminate the issue of reliable transportation altogether. Our goal is to have a positive impact on women veterans and widows through the awesome power of our DRIVE.