Donate a Vehicle

Donate a Vehicle Veterans drive is accepting vehicle donations to meet our goal of supplying all qualifying veterans with a good running vehicle. All donated vehicle will be inspected, repaired and certified by our sponsor and partner Tacoma Nissan. This means that we will donate good running vehicles to our veterans and their families. We will support struggling veterans and veteran families by donating good running vehicles to families in need. The primary reason for our gratuity is employment stability and essential mobility to cover medical appointment other activity related to essential goals being met. There is a strong correlation between unemployment and lack of transportation. The inability to make crucial appointments is also a great impediment to family structure and financial well-being. Many veterans that have been released from active duty for a period of time, if they have not transitioned effectively into the civilian workforce, find themselves with dwindling funds and limited prospects for employment. It takes money to maintain a vehicle, and veterans often lack the funds to buy or maintain a vehicle; using public transportation gives the veteran some mobility, but busing is not always practical. Often times jobs opportunities are distant, and odd hours and weekends can be hard to cover with busing routes and schedules. No car often means no job— Here at Veterans Drive, our goal is to qualify veterans and their families and GIFT those families with good running vehicles, and maintain those vehicles until the veteran and their families are in a more stable financial position. You will receive a tax credit for your donated vehicle.  Note: Our goal is to provide late model vehicles to ensure our recipients that they can drive with confidence. We cannot accept vehicles more than 6 years old. If the vehicle needs minor repairs we will accept it. We will consider accepting vehicles that need major repairs on an individual basis.