How it works

Veterans Drive provides new to late model vehicles to veteran families in desperate need of a POV. We obtain the vehicles at dealer cost, then we aim to raise money to cover the cost, and then we donate the vehicle to the selected family.

The fundraiser’s goal is to match the retail price of the vehicle (the retail sticker document is posted with the photos of the vehicle that is up for donation). An additional 15% to 25% is added to cover program costs. We feel this is a reasonable goal to ask of our donors. Once we donate a vehicle, we’ll find the next family in need, and we’ll start all over again.

So we are different than the traditional programs that donate older vehicles. However, we will use any donated vehicle to help non-veteran families and other programs where vehicles are needed.

Veterans Drive selects cars, trucks and SUVs from our dealer’s inventory and we donate those vehicles to veteran families in need of personal transportation. We obtain the vehicle first, and then we set out to raise money to support our venture. Contributions from our donor base make this effort possible. Our goal is to donate a vehicle every month. All vehicle gifting ceremonies will be held at our partner dealer’s showroom. The vehicle and recipient family can be found on our homepage.

Veterans Drive will tap into veteran programs throughout the metro, and we will scour their databases for veteran families that need a good vehicle. Social service programs will provide lists based on verification of income and needs. We are also rolling out a national program. We want to help veteran families all over this great nation.

In some cases, we even asses the families’ needs and obtain vehicles that meets those needs. We consider several factors and qualifications:

  • financial need
  • handicapped veterans that can drive with no vehicle modifications
  • work proximity to residence
  • job search and interviewing
  • large families
  • hospital appointments
  • critical errands and everyday living circumstances
  • Medical conditions that make public transportation a potential danger

All vehicles are late model to new. Check with the manufacturer for vehicle warranties. Exercise proper maintenance and care of the vehicle to retain any warranties that are still applicable. Any user abuse or negligence or uncertified maintenance by a mechanic that is not recommended by the manufacturer may render the manufacturer’s warranty to be unusable and void.

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