• Female veterans
  • Female veteran spouse / window or dependent
  • Honorable discharge
  • General / medical discharge
  • Does not own a running vehicle
  • Current vehicle unsafe or unreliable
  • Public transportation is not accessible
  • Valid driver’s license
  • You must have a driver’s license
  • No DWIs / DUIs
  • No history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • No criminal history
  • We accept men in some cases
  • Car insurance
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    Women Warriors
    Women serve admirably, and they suffer the same post-service hardships as their male counterparts.
    Our current focus is women veterans that are struggling form the effects of the pandemic. Over three million women have lost there jobs as a result of the coronavirus. The subsequent economic downturn and ramifications have laid bare many of our society’s socioeconomic disparities.
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    Women Veterans
    Holding It Together
    Sometimes is can be tough on your own.
    Women still carry the largest burden of inequities in the workplace and beyond. Veterans Drive aims to do its part to help women in need. Our Vehicles for Veterans Program is currently focused to help struggling veteran women and their households. This includes spouses, dependents, and widows. We are currently searching to find the veteran women that have the most pressing needs and help them first. The program is tailored around the need of personal transportation. A struggling mom, perhaps with kids, has a tremendous need for a good running vehicle. With the heightened demands of caregiving, women have seen sharp increases in job loss. Sadly, domestic abuse has risen as well. The disruption in schooling has created psychological effects on children, and many children will not return to school immediately upon reopening. Predictions indicate that some may never return to school. This will have rippling effects that may not easily be measurable at this time.
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    Help Is On The Way
    Veterans Drive wants to make a difference.
    Women are often the lowest paid and the first to be furloughed. We want to see women equipped with the tools to get pass these hardships and be prepared to transition in whatever areas they need to. Having a solid vehicle will no doubt help them.
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    Back In The Game
    Mobility means freedom.
    So help us on our journey to make a difference. Donate to Veterans Drive, so that we can put these moms in late model vehicles still under warranty. That would take a lot of the burden away and help mothers through these challenging times.
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    Brighter Days Ahead
    Happiness is only a short drive away. ​
    Every mom we help has an opportunity to help another mom. Spread the word about Veterans Drive, so we can keep out program going.