How it works

How it works

Veterans Drive donates new to late model vehicles to women veterans & widows in desperate need of personal transportation. We purchase the vehicles first, and then we match the vehicle to the recipient. We also pay the tax, title, and registration. We want to completely eliminate the issue of not having a vehicle or not owning a good running vehicle. That makes our program unique among vehicle donation charities.

Since we purchase the cars first, our goal is to raise funds that cover the retail cost of vehicle plus 15% to 25%. Once we reach that number, we release the car to the donee. We’ll continue to raise money on that effort as well, and we immediately begin the process of vetting another veteran that needs personal transportation.

Once we donate a vehicle, we begin the search for the next recipient.

All recipients must be an active participant in the process. They must provide proof of military service and show evidence of their financial hardships. We verify the recipients status by contacting their military support groups, counselors, case workers, doctors, and fellow veterans. Recipients must also provide professional references that are familiar with their situation. We also verify the status of their current vehicle if they have one. Estimates on repairs and confirmation by the repair shop managers are also required.

After a thorough vetting of the potential recipient is done, they are entered into the program and matched with the current vehicle up for donation.

  • Female veterans
  • Female veteran spouse / window or dependent
  • Honorable discharge
  • General / medical discharge
  • Does not own a running vehicle
  • Current vehicle unsafe or unreliable
  • Public transportation is not accessible
  • Valid driver’s license
  • No DWIs / DUIs
  • No history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • No criminal history
  • We accept men in some cases
  • Car insurance


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