Civil Rights

Civil Rights Civil rights litigation covers a broad spectrum of administrative, state and federal work. Our civil rights litigation includes protection of the following rights:

  • Abuse, retaliation or discrimination due to gender
  • Abuse, retaliation or discrimination due to race
  • Abuse, retaliation or discrimination due to religion
  • Abuse, retaliation or discrimination due to sexual orientation
  • Retaliation and disability discrimination due to physical or mental disabilities or impairments
  • Violations of free speech
  • Violations of the right to be heard or violations of “due process” i.e. your day to present your case
  • Excessive force, profiling and physical abuse
  • Employment discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination
  • Issues dealing with employers such as violations of the collective bargaining agreement or breach of contract that fundamentally intrude on your rights

The above matters may be brought in many cases under federal and state law. In some cases, you may also be required to exhaust administrative remedies or pursue internal procedures that build the case from the ground up and subsequently allow you to pursue remedies in state or federal court. It is critical to preserving your case to bring in experienced attorneys who can guide you through all stages of the process so that you can maximize your chances of a positive outcome in your case. Our attorneys assist you in presenting and building your case so that it withstands the scrutiny of difficult opposing defendants and the judge. While our goal is to increase your change of a recovery through settlement, if we are unable to negotiate a settlement that is appropriate, our skilled attorneys are prepared to take your case to trial and then if necessary work through the appeal process. Our office has significant pre-litigation and trial experience in employment discrimination cases, including:

  • Race and color discrimination (Title VII)
  • Gender discrimination and sexual harassment law (Title VII)
  • Disability discrimination (ADA)
  • Age discrimination (ADEA)
  • Retaliation (whistleblower, qui tam, and FMLA retaliation cases)
  • Housing discrimination
  • Lending discrimination
  • Discrimination in places of public accommodations
  • Wrongful discharge in violation of state and federal legislation

Allegations of retaliation, sexual harassment, breach of contract, and failure to pay overtime are serious issues for employers and employees alike. If it can be demonstrated that an employee suffered financial loss because their rights or contractual obligations were violated, the employer can be held liable for damages in an employee discrimination lawsuit.