Veterans Drive is proud to announce that we’ve received a grant from Walmart Giving! Here at Veterans Drive, we share Walmart’s vision to make a difference in our communities. Following the lead of Walmart Giving’s excellence and transformative energy will enhance our philanthropic goals.

Our Vehicles For Women’s Veterans & Widows program is an ambitious undertaking. Providing relatively new vehicles to those in need of personal transportation is a game changer. We want to completely eliminate the need of reliable transportation for women veterans that have served our country and for the widows who have suffered the loss of their veteran spouses.

The Walmart Giving grant will be used to advance ore philanthropic ambitions. We want our vehicle program to serve nationally, and our partnership with Walmart Giving is the best possible start to achieve that goal.

Join us in our journey to make a difference by advancing these ambitions through opportunity, sustainability, and community within the systems that we rely upon. This is Walmart’s Approach to Global Responsibility.
Join our movement, and make a donation today!

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